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Linden grid account kurisutaru.starchild Port of origin Earth (Japan)
Family name Tasogare Personal name Kristal
Affiliated organization Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine (FORMERLY) , Nanite Systems (CURRENT)
Place of birth Houston, Texas, United States, Earth Date of birth 1992-10-31
Education and work history Took classes in the US, attended a University in Japan, got a job working at a Shrine in Japan, registered for citizenship in Japan so could continue working in Japan for a while Genetic modifications Gender Reassignment Surgery, Tattoos, Markings, Fangs, DNA Splicing with a Japanese White Fox Synthetic modifications Mechanical Kitsune Tails, Mechanical Dragon Wings, Cybernetic Visor that connects to the Cybernetic Eyes added to head Reason for immigrating Augmentation Research, and Cybernetic Studies at Eisa's Nanite Systems Research Campus Biography Name: Shin.TO/K1T5U-T5UK1
Serial: 205-93-2260
Legal Name: Kristal Tasogare
Original Legal Name: Christopher [REDACTED]
Country of Birth: United States
Country of Residence (Before Immigration): Japan

Citizen of:
United States of America
New Eisa


A Cyborg born in Americas as a human, attended a University in Japan, having been working in Kyoto as a Shrine Maiden, she was given an offer on some colony located on Eisa. The job offer seemed too good to refuse, even her University Degree was in Cybernetics, which could have been use for once. With the little money she made working at the shrine, she used it, alongside the money from Nanite Systems sent to cover her "Shipping" Fees it was listed as? She thought of it as a mistake, and took a space shuttle to Eisa, landing there after a seemingly long flight on what appeared to be a mostly empty shuttle? Upon arriving to Eisa, she looked at her Invitation to Nanite Systems, reading it over again, only to realize she was what was being shipped. A new prototype cyborg utilizing the latest in alien technology, the RELIC Main Controller, and she was to be one of the test subjects for this new prototype build. She'd keep her humanity, and rights, but upon arrival, she agreed to said testing. As she arrived at the Research Campus, she showed the invitation to the receptionist, and then got her all set up for her new life here on Eisa. Before the augmentation was started, an immigration form was filed out. Once it was finished, it was sent to customs for review, and the augmentation had begun. After a while, she was finished. Still organic, but with Cybernetic Augmentations, she was ready to begin her new life as a Cybernetics Prototype of Nanite Systems. All that was left, was for her immigration form to be approved...

Prototype Identifier: K1T5U-T5UK1
Reason for Identifier: Due to own history as a Shrine Maiden, NS decided to utilize a Cybernetic look reminiscent of the shrine Kristal used to work for. Her handle is a derivative of Kitsunetsuki, which is Japanese for Fox Possession, a common thing in Japanese Culture, hence her Kitsune-inspired modifications. She was modified to handle repairs, and was fashioned a Custom-made Kagura Suzu to function as a Restitutor Advanced Repair Tool on Eisa. Her employment within Nanite Systems is as a Prototype Cyborg, built to resemble a Shrine Maiden possessed by a Yokai Kitsune, but fashioned and retro-fitted to function as a Multi-purpose Repair Unit, bearing organics to be able to contribute to Nanite Systems, Eisa Society, and the Eisan Military, without limitations of robotics. Her knowledge and wisdom of robotics and cybernetics would become of great use to Nanite Systems, and the Eisan Colony as a whole!

UPDATE: 03/11/2024

This is Researcher Tasogare, and we have came upon a massive discovery! With my studies in Alien Technology, I have learned so much about this planet and it's inhabitants before we humans colonized it. It isn't a lot, but it is perhaps my biggest development! I hope to keep Nanite Systems updated and provide the Research Department with as much information as I can find.

last updated: 2024-03-11 21:11:37
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