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Linden grid account corruptedsyn Port of origin New Eisa
Name NS P4-ND-4 Model NS-476 Aegis Combat Unit Serial number 476-49-2311
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Aleyena Farrell / Deidre Farrell / The United Kitties of Farrellica
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Battlefield Systems Division Date of manufacture 2023-01-13
Biography Known Alias: Panda
Date of Creation: 01-13-2023
Unit Directive: Frontline Assault / Asset Retrieval
Affiliations: Farrell Family / United Kitties of Farrellica / Qiyunistan
Mission: N/A (Redacted)
Threat Level: Alpha

The NS P4-ND-4 unit is a Military Frontline War Machine built for Frontline Combat and Asset Retrieval. Which means there could be sensitive data deep in the heart of enemy territory, or a person of interest like a hostage. This unit is basically a small army sent in to fight off any insurgents she encounters, and escape unharmed. She is comprised of Nanite technology, powered by a Uranium Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.

P4-ND-4 Unit is capable of self-repair in most scenarios, but not entirely impervious or otherwise invincible. Unit requires routine maintenance, as well as consistent Personality updates in order to "fit in" with other organic beings without drawing attention to itself due to it's default programming as a War-Zone Combatant Unit.

last updated: 2023-02-09 07:36:22
NS-476 Aegis Combat Unit NS P4-ND-4
posted a year ago
NS-476 Aegis Combat Unit NS P4-ND-4
posted a year ago
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