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Linden grid account eleanor15243 Port of origin Kansas City Spaceport
Family name White Personal name Eleanor
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Financial
Place of birth Springfield, Missouri Date of birth 1990/05/01
Education and work history Degree in Business Administration.
Some basic medical training.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Elf ears Reason for immigrating To find work Biography Eleanor, herself, has only recently graduated from college, having no work experience herself.  This has made it difficult for her to obtain jobs in the management, leaving her with nothing more than her savings she had from being paid to go to college.  She's smart, just not experienced, though with her go getter attitude.

Eleanor can be very flirtatious, as well as a rather curious individual.  She's very much a risk taker, a natural leader but those qualities tend to sometimes not go in her favor.
last updated: 2016-02-16 21:54:11
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