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Linden grid account trallion.suen Port of origin Earth
Family name Suen Personal name Trallion
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth San Francisco, USA, Earth Date of birth Unspecificied
Education and work history Neo Daly City High School
Basic General Ed - 12th grade

Databrite Technology MSP
Server Administrator
- Linux Certification, Various Distros

Fen's Robotic Service & Repair Shop
Mobile Robotic Service Tech I
- Civilian Class Certification

Gene-Tech Corp.
Transport Security Agent
- Local Orbit Clearance
- Lethal Arms Certification

Synthetic modifications Cybernetic prosthetic arm. Cybernetic optics, Nanite Management Circuit System - Entire Body Reason for immigrating New start, over population on Earth Biography A former transport security agent in the services of a mega-corp called Gene-Tech, Trallion comes from a very rough past on Earth. Formally trained in firearms and close quarters combat by the corp he served, he also bears a number of cybernetic augments sponsored by his employer that aided him in his security profession.

Recently, he's gone freelance with work, refusing to talk about the reasons why he left the mega-corp, and more often than not just simply dismissing it as nothing exciting or worth knowing. Investigation into his personal file lead to dead ends and missing records, save for the general data of his education, previous work history, and security position with Gene-Tech.

With an early history as a robotics and systems operator geek, he focuses more on repair and support services for synthetics these days than anything to do with security when it comes to income, desiring to keep a low profile if he can help it.

A recent interest in Eisa and a small group of friends living there has lead him to apply for citizenship.
last updated: 2023-06-16 10:10:03
Trallion Suen
posted 8 months ago
To: Eisa Immigration Dept.
Re: Application for Citizenship in Eisa: Trallion Suen

Dear Agent,

Please find my application for citizenship for your consideration. My interest in Eisa stems from a desire to be with friends as well as provide synthetic repair and support services. Additionally, I simply wish a new life away from the congestion of Earth.


Trallion Suen
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