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Linden grid account mizuki.evergarden Port of origin The Moon
Name Mizuki-42 Model DAX/3m Serial number 998-42-0142
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Evergarden K.K.
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Research Laboratories, Special Projects Division Date of manufacture 2018-06-02
Reason for immigrating Mizuki-42 is the registered agent of Evergarden K.K. to New Eisa. Biography Mizuki-42 was developed as the 42nd prototype unit in her series. When the model was formally canceled due to budget cuts, she was placed in storage for an indefinite period. In 2022, she was taken out of storage, given a new operating system, and used for a series of tests and private engagements by [redacted]. Upon the completion of this program, Mizuki was sold to a new company, Evergarden K.K., and transferred to the Moon for further programming and analysis. Evergarden K.K. registered Mizuki-42 as their agent of record to New Eisa.
last updated: 2023-07-16 21:33:27
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