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Linden grid account stingaree.ghost Port of origin space port
Family name Krak Personal name Countess
Place of birth Eureka,California, Earth Date of birth 2009-02-19
Education and work history -College graduation
-Serve in Navy for 4 years-communications tech.
-Work as heavy ship mechanic after honorable discharge.
-Work as security for Private vendor in the entertainment business.
-Working on future upgrades to  an engine which acquires power from static electricity in the atmosphere and converts the cloud moisture to oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis. The gases are then stored inside the hull, providing breatheable air at high altitudes, lift from hydrogen, and propulsion through burning of the hydrogen in the engine furnaces, exhausting pure steam, producing clouds. And thus the name "Electrolysis  Drive" was born.

When enough fuel was stored, the ships were capable of short burst of power, and able to reach stratosphere for brief amounts of time. Of course the nature of the propulsion system made the whole process risky at best...
Genetic modifications Behavioral modifications, personality alterations, physical enhancements. Synthetic modifications Implants Reason for immigrating Place to hide, create a new life free from the burdens of the Coordinated Information Apparatus of the Voltar Confederacy, Lombar Hisst, and stooge Soltan Gris. Biography On SL almost 7 years. Hiding out from Lombar Hisst. The famed leader of the Coordinated Information Apparatus of the Voltar Confederacy, and his cohort Soltan Gris, an agent.
Lombar Hisst assigns a cowardly, sadistic, greedy stooge named Soltan Gris to supervise the mission to Earth, in order to sabotage it and destroy Jitter Heller, my friend.
In the mean time Gris becomes a prisoner of two man-hating lesbians (who end up marrying Gris after he rapes them and thereby "cures" them of their lesbianism, but not before various ingenious tortures are inflicted on him, one of which involve a cheese grater and chili powder. One of these nice young ladies being my dear friend, warns me to depart ASAP to another planet to escape the dreaded Lombar Hisst and his stooge, Gris.
My dear friend Jitter, and his lovely darling Countess Krak( of whose name I am hiding under), assist with my departure and escape to other planets..Thus the story continues with my arrival on Eisa, hoping to start a new life...
last updated: 2016-02-16 15:31:49
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