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Linden grid account fraiseklee Port of origin Elysium, Mars
Family name Tanemura Personal name Mizuki
Affiliated organization Voskhod Experimental Robotics Agency
Place of birth Elysium Settlement, Mars Date of birth 1993-04-10
Education and work history University of Elysium (2011 - 2015)

Proshivki Resheniya - Assistant Head of IT (2015 - 2017)

Voskhod Experimental Robotics Agency (2018 - Present)
Synthetic modifications Reinforced skeletal system, synthetic organs below neck, bio-mechanical eyes, total epidermal replacement, combat defense system, Chassis Specification Unit Reason for immigrating More abundant job opportunities Biography Mizuki Tanemura was an impressive graduate from the University of Elysium, and had no trouble securing her job in IT.

However, only two years into her career, she fell into serious medical debt after undergoing extensive surgeries to save her life, and thus has turned to the field of experimental robotics.

In order to have her debt waived, Mizuki has entered into a program to replace most of her organic parts with high-end machinery, leaving her capable of even the most difficult and arduous tasks. She is contracted through Voskhod Experimental Robotics Agency to fulfill service jobs including (but not limited to) companionship, security, bounty hunting, and mercenary work.

Mizuki misses her carefree life from before the augments, but knows she can never go back to the person she was, even when her contract is up. She hopes life on Eisa will make coping with her new body fun and enjoyable.
last updated: 2023-06-22 21:11:07
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