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Linden grid account cainedclxvi
Family name Detueur Personal name Caine Middle name(s) Vudrade
Affiliated organization eisaNet Journalism Crew
Place of birth Trypso 6I, Orbital Platform 'Yavor' Date of birth 1992-04-15
Education and work history 2010: Entered Kovastea Polytechnic Institute
2014: Earned Bachelor's Degrees in Communications and Journalism
2012-2015: Joined the Kovastea Student Gazette, worked as an Editor and Journalist
2015-2018: Worked as Terminal Astraeun's Broadcast Host and Field-Reporter
2018-2019: Head of Terminal Astraeun's News Team
2019-2021: Veteran of the 'War of Ignorance' which led to the destruction of Trypso 6I's Orbital Platforms
Genetic modifications Enhanced Synaptic Nerves, Meta-Neural Enhancement Synthetic modifications Cyber arms, Motion Detector, Digital Recorder, Audio/Video tape Recorder, Voice Synthesizer, Telescopic & Anti-Dazzle Vision, Grafted Muscle, Reinforced Skin Weave Reason for immigrating The fucking old place blew up. Fuck y'spect from me? Well - That and the new job. Biography Oh joy. Boss said since I'm no longer an intern, I ought to properly register myself and write this damn thing. Well, here goes. The autobiography of Le Caine Detueur. Lol. Why did I write it like that...?

By the Tower, I don't even know how far back that last name goes. My parents say it goes back quite away, all the way back to some old Terran family. I wish I knew more, I never quite paid attention to my folks' stories. Maybe someday I'll travel there and find out. If it's even true. Either way...

I was born over in the Trypso system...It's about, say? Oh. Apparently 362 light years away from Eisa. Yeeeesh, it's been a long journey! I may tell more about that later. But t'yeah! I was born above Trypso 6I! We called it Tript's Six-Il. Some old leftover nickname from the original colonists and workforce. I was born on one of many Orbital Platforms, mine nicknamed Yavor. Life was difficult living over the hellscape that was Six-Il. Most of my young days were spent in a mining exo on the surface. Mainly because it 'helped build character'

T'yeah, sure it did. It make me want to never fucking be down there, and learn how to fend for myself. Damned other workers never helped, even when I sent a beacon off when I'd stepped too far and found myself looking down a 100-foot chasm. Hanging out of my exo. Either way. I was stuck there for a day or two, eventually got my way out? Or perhaps someone DID help me. All I remember is stress, sweat, and the taste of iron in my mouth.  Something the exo didn't protect me against was down there. But eventually, I woke up in the medical ward of some other platform. Havor, specifically. Either way, I was nursed back to health. Never found out what happened really, but my bones were never really the same, until I got the nanites to fix it, amongst other things.

Well. Most days were like that, unless I was in school like the rest of the 'mites. Oh. That's what the kids were called! Termites! It was a funny name. But t'yeah. I grew up every other kid there. Working, going through school. I had a few friends, but none that are in my life anymore considering the... War. I'll tell more about that later.

Eventually got my high school education. Ran the platform-school's High School newspaper. Nothing special or great, but, it was fun! I ended up going to Kovastea. That's a school on a station a fair bit aways! Where it was, well. Doesn't matter anymore. But what does matter is it's where I got more education, regarding communications and journalism! I also ended up doing a fair bit of work on the Institute's Gazette.

Hmmh... After that? I moved to Terminal Astraeun. The system's central station. Sort of a floating habitat city! It was neat! Much better than living above the dust on Six-Il. They handled the news for about... Six entire systems! It was fun! I was a host for some radio broadcasts, alongside being a field reporter-thingamajig!

... That was, until the War of Ignorance. If you uh, want to hear more of that, you'll have to speak to me in person. All you need to know, is that I'm here on Eisa now. Working your local news network, reppin' all the good businesses! NS even paid for my trip here!
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