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Linden grid account lucian.xenga Port of origin Chicago SpacePort
Family name Vesceria Personal name Kaito
Place of birth Chicago, U.S.A, Earth. Date of birth 1992-03-25
Education and work history Chicago State University, Business degree, also played college basketball.
Worked briefly for a start up company, the company was trying to perfect 3d printing to make prosthetic limbs.
Synthetic modifications Optical shade implants. Reason for immigrating Starting a new life. Biography Kaito is a young man looking for his future, he does not know where to find it but he knows he will succeed if he tries.
Born on Earth in the 90's he grew up in a very standard home, both his parents had jobs and he was a lonely child.
With no siblings to hang out with Kaito was very often bored. His boredom became an excuse for him to study a lot, and because of this he ended up being very smart.

He went to Chicago State University and graduated with a business degree.
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