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Linden grid account ceri5e.resident Port of origin Mars
Family name Cherenkova Personal name Kristina Middle name(s) Georgievna
Affiliated organization Underground
Place of birth Eisa Date of birth 1992-02-26
Education and work history Some school for miners children, Eisa.
Planitia Correctional Institute for Troubled Women, 3 year sentence for theft and antisocial behaviour.
Vocational certificates in Vehicle repair (wheeled), Vehicle repair (hover), Electronica.
Flight license suspended following unauthorised transit through urban areas at unsafe altitude.
Genetic modifications Immune Boosters. Synthetic modifications None. Reason for immigrating Coming home. Biography Born on Eisa and grew up surviving as best she could as a mechanic and repair kid on robots, vehicles and mining gear. After a few thefts of company material, she was sent away for re-habilitation in a juvenile correctional facility. Adequate behaviour and work in the prison mech shop have honed her skills.

Now she's back, and slightly horrified at what's happened to her world. Her parents are dead. The corporation has twisted the honest frontiering spirit of Eisa into something barbaric.
last updated: 2016-02-09 21:43:47
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