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Linden grid account darkstar.niven Port of origin Mars
Family name Niven Personal name Armelthelae
Place of birth Hellas, Mars Date of birth 1985-02-15
Education and work history Some basic schooling done while growing up in Hellas, but most of her technical education came from directly working in the nearby worker-bot and vehicle repair shops to help earn some extra money for her family when times were tight. Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Cybernetic eyes and fingers Reason for immigrating Looking to establish a robot repair shop closer to NS' headquarters to learn about more varied models and improve her skills Biography After growing up in the mechanics/repair district of Hellas and learning various repair techniques while helping out around the shops, Arme stowed away on a transport frieghter bound for Eisa after a series of "accidents" befell her family, who were in debt to the Hellas opiate production organizations. Feeling she had nothing left to learn about robot repair stuck in Hellas, she decided to make her way to NS' home colony to attempt to witness, and perhaps fix, more advanced robot models so she could improve her skills and possibly even make a business out of it.
last updated: 2023-10-31 13:40:07
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