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Linden grid account julianne.lorefield Port of origin TRIST - 171A
Family name Tristitia Personal name Julianne
Affiliated organization N/A
Place of birth Corina 2 Date of birth 1990-05-31
Education and work history Standard education, various subjects including Mathematics, languages and other extra curricular studies.
Mechanics and engineering courses, apprenticeship for four years.

Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Various biomechanical organ replacements, 10% of brain replaced with synthetics. Reason for immigrating Former Colony Redacted Biography Coming from a distant colony deep in the fringes, TRIST-171A was founded as an experimental deep space colony funded by the now defunct corporation DiesCorina Enterprises.  However the project was fairly short sighted, and failed to take into account all the issues that an unknown location in the middle of outer space would encounter.  For most of its residents, life was a harsh toil as the few hundred citizens would spend most of their time tending to important repairs,  focusing solely on ensuring the colony would continue to be habital without risking loss of life - though things would continue for the children of the colonists.  Because of conditions of the colony about 90% of children were raised with a background in mechanics and engineering, things which Julianne proved to be fairly proficient at.  It was helped that she took to computers at a very young age with help from her parents.  She spent her formative years continuing her studies while dealing with the harshness of where she lived, unfortunately having to deal with the death of her parents during a vicious meteor shower that caused catastrophic damage to the colony (Referred to as Incident 432-B3). 

From a young age Julianne was found to have several complications, either from a negative reaction to the process and treatments given to help prolong peoples life in dealing with radiation effects and the rigors of deep space life, her organs had begun to fail at a drastic rate.  It had cost her family quite a large sum of money to replace her vital organs (heart, lungs and liver) with synthetic constructs.  The resulting surgery and advanced prosphetics would require a minor adaption to her brain, 10% of the tissues replaced with biomechanics to handle control and continued use of said replacement organs.  They were able to develop and grow as Julianne aged, but the process was hardly pleasant all the time, which led to the experimental organs no longer being used by medical.

In the year 2014 it would be known that the corporation that founded the colony would cease existing due to many, many complications (to note, the corporation had not been in contact with the colony for 15 years prior to this moment).  People were forced to vacate as the supply chains long established from the company would become null and voided by this, meaning that there was no way for people to sustain themselves on a steadily growing deathtrap - previously leaving was next to impossible because of the cost and much legal tape that had been established by both company policies and by the police state like control that had been enforced.  Julianne had never been one to so blindly agree with policies she had to live with, but there was hardly any excuse to get herself in trouble, especially when she relied on their systems to continue her maintanance of her body.  With being made to move off world, she would take this time to begin her own adventure, travelling from system to system, where she would eventually find herself upon Eisa, with nary a credit to her name save her brief work stints in previous locations.
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