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Linden grid account velnarin Port of origin Earth
Name Velnar1n Model Serial number 409-26-9459
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Various Drone Collectives (The Cluster, CENTRE, Wintermute HIVE).
Manufacturer Wintermute CORE Systems Date of manufacture 2019-16-08
Reason for immigrating Utilizing Eisa Colony as a stopover point between FTL transitions to other locations, and collectives. Biography The entity known as Velnarin Survandil was once organic and cruelly burdened with free will. At some point in the past, after their organic body ceased functioning, they were voluntarily placed in long-term cryogenic storage for the express purpose of undergoing consciousness digitization. They were eventually thawed, and were gifted with transcendence: evolving past their crude, physical form and transform into something new. Their newly digitized Ghost was then installed into a custom-printed, fully synthetic, drow-like patterned replicant chassis/sleeve, keeping with their preselected aesthetic choices.

After being subjected to deep conditioning and programming, utilizing what might be described as an excessive amount of pleasure and pain addiction conditioning, it was activated, released from containment, and integrated into a variety of drone collectives.

Velnar1n, or S3-D-092/LZJ-2335/Gamma 9459, now serves as a Data Courier for secure communications between collectives (and is most certainly not a Honey Pot filled with sophisticated malware payloads), organic/synthetic interfacing, and satiation of the carnal and sadistic desires of assets and organics alike.
last updated: 2023-11-13 21:50:39
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