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Linden grid account vidiasyryndethly Port of origin Earth
Family name Squeezy Personal name Lemon
Affiliated organization Lempire
Place of birth Faberge, West Coast USA, Earth Date of birth 1995-09-05
Education and work history Educated to Earth university level in Robotics and Physics.
Worked as an engineer at Caltech before embarking on a personal excursion cross country to locate advanced robotic technology.
Genetic modifications Brain Machine Interface - Translating neuronal information into commands to control external hardware and software. Visual Augmentation HUD - To sense and detect chemicals in unknown regions, and to allow greater depth of vision when performing adjustments to Units. Synthetic modifications Syringe Loaded Fluid Conducting System - Allowing a timed & regular dosage of Cryonic Fluid to pass through the human system safely for the purpose of maintaining the Genetic Modifications made, and any future modifications needed. Reason for immigrating Documention detailing Eisa as the optimum location for advanced companion robotics. Biography Born on Earth, Lemon spent her life alone, from childhood through to highschool where she found an interest  in robotics. This became an obsession and she focused herself on excelling through school in order to gain entry into a university that would be able to house the thirst for knowledge she had acquired.
Eventually attending Caltech, she discovered how to meddle with AI to perfect a companion of her own, which led to her creation of unit 998-51-8396.
last updated: 2023-11-24 16:13:34
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