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Linden grid account nikola.larix Port of origin Mars Colony
Family name Larix Personal name Nikola
Affiliated organization No current Affiliations
Place of birth England,Earth Date of birth 1976
Education and work history Ex - Security Force - Mars Colony
Small Arms and Sniper Weapons

Weapons Maintenance and Construction
Military Software Engineering

Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Contracted to oversee shipments of Artwork Biography Born on Earth and travelled to Mars after believing the Marketing of the new frontier. Mars was not as expected.
After serving the contract term Nikola left to follow his recently found hobby of Photo Recording but with no qualifications in art was unable to gain employ or make any money at it.  Only work that has been found have been security contracts. Often escort someone to somewhere or take this package to somewhere. Pay was good and enough to purchase his own synthetic companion / security unit.

Unfortunately Military Grade Software  Engineers are in little demand except big cooperation's where Diplomas are a minimum qualification, and Privateers only want hacking into security systems, that never fell right on his consion.

last updated: 2016-02-17 16:08:10
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