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Linden grid account patpati Port of origin Arrezth Space Station
Family name Rennard Personal name Pat Middle name(s) Karen
Affiliated organization NanoSec
Place of birth New York City, United States of America, Earth Date of birth 1989-06-11
Education and work history August Martin High School, Queens 2003-2006
Grade 11 education

First aid level 1

New Rock Bar and Grill:
Dish Washer, 2005-2006

Cashier, May-June 2006

Barista, July 2006

Club Platinum Strip Club:
Afternoon Bartender

Bouncer, security staff

Sector 13 Club, Refueling Station Seven:
Bouncer and general security, 2010-2011

Jando'zak Security:
Security Assurance Agent, 2011-2015
Synthetic modifications Holo-visor, physical implant, left side of skull. Reason for immigrating Work and stability. Biography Pat Rennard was born June 11, 1989 at New York Downtown Hospital.  Her mother passed just hours after her birth.  In the coming years Pat was brought up with two brothers in a very dysfunctional single-father home.  There was no shortage of neglect, or at least what Pat perceived as neglect.  Pat ended up being a troubled child in school, and a perpetual bully.  By high school she was a complete burn-out, Pat dropped out in the middle of eleventh grade.

Her shortcomings in school translated to the work field too.  Pat was fired from her dish washing job for skipping shifts, then was fired from other jobs for yelling at customers or stealing as well as generally being a pain in the ass.  Pat got her stride being a bouncer in 2009 for a dingy strip club in Queens, New York.  After making a few friends and acquaintances she relocated off Earth with them to live and work in a small refueling station.  It didn't take long for a group of travelling mercenaries to notice Pat and recruit her to join their 'security' team.

Pat was a natural ace at shooting and scrapping in general.  Surprisingly, she was fine with following orders, all it took was some kind of outlet for her ruthlessness as well as some kind of leader figure which she respected.  Though the company she worked for is noted as being legitimate they really were anything but.  Their brutality got to be too much, even for Pat, but she'll never admit that.  She left them and went to start anew on Eisa.

It didn't take long for Pat to talk her way into NanoSec on Eisa.  Perhaps Chief Mordkamm saw her as a dim bulb and easy to control, or perhaps she was hired purely on her previous experience.  Either way, Pat serves as a loyal officer of NanoSec.  Bribery and general corruption are always parts of security crews it seems, and Pat is not above any of that, she is in the game for herself.
last updated: 2015-08-10 05:19:46
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