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Linden grid account devious.lei
Family name Summers Personal name Tosha
Affiliated organization The Underground
Place of birth Virginia, USA, Earth Date of birth 1985-01-01
Education and work history PHD Bio-Engineering
BA Cybernetic-Systems Development

Worked as an intern in a private sector which researched and developed cybernetic enhancement techonlogies for both military and civilian purposes.
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Employment Opportunities Biography Smart and curious as a child, Tosha found herself constantly getting into trouble as she couldn't help tampering with everything mechanical or electrical.  She was later picked on a lot as a child due to her nerdiness and otherwise strange fascinations with technology while most girls her age were busy with make-up and the latests fashion craze.

Tosha later on went to study Biology, Chemistry and Engineering before settling on Bio-Engineering as her main study.  She worked as an intern for a small private company that later closed down due to tough competition from larger corporations such as Nanite Systems.

She is often described as being very curious and mischievious while also socially aloof.  As a bit of an introvert she rarely interacts well with the larger crowds and has become obsessed with her work and studies.  She later on became associated with The Underground via a close friend and after being laid off from her job she has traversed to the Eisa Colony in search of new opportunies within Nanite Systems.

While her passion remains on paving a future into organic body reconstruction, her real motives for applying to NS may be a bit more deceptive.
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