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Linden grid account muse.paravane
Family name Paravane Personal name Muse
Place of birth Antwerp, Belgium, Earth Date of birth Unknown
Education and work history In possession of various European degrees and post graduate degrees in medicine, specifically general practice and surgery.

Work history is provided by a series of docouments purporting to be references form a sereies of hospitals in Belgium, France and the UK.
Genetic modifications Aesthetics to give elven appearance, enhanced life span and rejuvenation treatments Synthetic modifications None apparent Reason for immigrating Work opportunities Biography Muse claims to be much older than her apparant age, some of her identity documents suggest she may be several decades older than she looks. She also claims to have no record nor recollection of the circumstances of her birth. Her oldest identity documents place her studying medicine in Gent in 1960. She then spent the next few decades working in a variety of hospitals although never settling more than a few years in one place - a career that suggests either issues settling or issues in her workplace relationships or behaviour, however none of her references indicate any problems.

Muse tends to present herself as easy going and happy go lucky although to have attained the degree of expertise she claims she must also be intelligent and able to apply herself with dedication. She claims to have a degree of personal wealth as one would expect from such a history although she has very little in the way of proof.

After arrival on the colony she very quickly managed to land herself the position as head of the Indigo Creek Health Clinic. She is still unsure quite why she managed to do this despite lacking a credible history and is slightly on her guard until she works out why.
last updated: 2016-02-19 16:28:31
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