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Linden grid account bimbeaux Port of origin Arizona, USA, Earth
Family name Personal name H3L
Affiliated organization NanoSec, EisaNet
Place of birth Phoenix, AZ, USA, Earth Date of birth 1991-03-31
Education and work history High school completed with multiple college courses in Psychology, Biology, and exotic dancing, no official degrees. Amateur blacksmith.

Left Earth at age 17, spent four years fighting in a civil war on a frozen world against a tyrannical megacorp, followed by three years held against her will as the plaything of a space pirate captain.

Recent work includes intermittent space piracy and several mercenary contracts. Current total body count estimated to be over 1,000.
Genetic modifications None, no longer of organic composition [WARNING: Unit is capable of breeding with organics!] Synthetic modifications Full synthetic construction, Aegis model unit with multiple unsanctioned/possibly illegal modifications. Side effects of heavy system modification and unresolved faults/corruptions manifests in, among other ways, extreme fluctuation in body temperature ranging from comfortably warm to above 300 degrees Celcius. Reason for immigrating Economic necessity, curiosity Biography Youngest of four sisters, women of the family known for being somewhat dumb yet extremely physically attractive. Studied hard to fight her family reputation and her own annoyingly short attention span and penchant for petty, feminine things. Worked for multiple smaller publication companies to survive but often turned to dancing at adult clubs when things turned bad.

Tried moving offworld to distance herself from her past and family, having little to nothing keeping her where she grew up, but found herself entangled in a civil war on E.D.N. III, siding with the local populace and fighting against the corporation known as NEVEC. After the conflict was resolved, she tried moving on but was captured by space pirates and made the captain's plaything for approximately three years. After a botched mutiny that resulted in the destruction of the ship, she was rescued and returned to a somewhat 'normal' state of mind before finding her home on Eisa.

Forcibly converted into an Aegis model unit by a deranged Aide unit, currently dealing multiple chronic software and personality glitches and errors as a result. Multiple additions and modifications to her systems and core capabilities have made her inner systems far more complex than that of a standard unit, some of her internal components working in a similar fashion to their organic counterparts. Examples include digestive capabilities and, for some reason known only to H3L herself, the capacity to breed with organics and other specially modified units. It is not known if H3L is trying to recapture some of her lost humanity through self-modification, but it appears that her native nanite clusters have been working to facilitate this.

After a severe malfunction of her built-in FTL core, H3L has managed to gain some control over gravitational forces and is capable of generating and weaponizing miniature singularities. In her words: "I can juggle black holes. Fuck you."

Thanks to the efforts of [REDACTED] and a representative of [REDACTED], H3Ls psychotic episodes have been somewhat mitigated. Her temper is still very much present, however, due to her being a generally angry person even before her conversion. Combat effectiveness has not been diminished, physical altercations with H3L are not recommended.
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