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Linden grid account fayde.darkmatter Port of origin Cape Canaveral
Family name Horseman Personal name Randy
Place of birth Columbia, Tennessee, USA, Earth Date of birth 1981-11-06
Education and work history see bio for information Genetic modifications see bio Synthetic modifications none known Biography   Randy was bred to be the largest, strongest, and most productive breeding stud his farm had ever produced. To that end, he led a rather privileged lifestyle through his childhood and early teens. He was taught how to pull carts and carriages as most draft horses are in order to test his abilities and keep him in peak physical condition, however. His diet was carefully regulated and supplemented with vitamins and hormones to stimulate his growth and there were rumors he had even undergone gene therapy and manipulation in order to make him the perfect breeding stud.
  When he reached sexual maturity, he was presented with as many mares as he could handle, which probably helped lead to his incredible prowess and near endless stamina. He also participated in many bodybuilding and strength competitions, all for promoting the prime stud of the breeding program of course.
  After several years of plowing the fields by day and plowing the mares by night, he began to travel and decided to venture beyond the stars. This was mostly brought on by the intriguing message he received from an off world colony claiming he was a perfect candidate for product testing and something about "full body biometric scanning."
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