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Linden grid account dlrus.canis Port of origin Nastrand
Family name Suril Personal name Rudy
Affiliated organization Suril industries.
Place of birth North America, Earth. Date of birth
Education and work history Experienced as a doctor on the nastrand and also the dawn mars colony. Owns a small private security firm and android manufacturer based out of earth coming to eisa colony trying to get his hold established here as well. Genetic modifications None. Synthetic modifications Heavily cybernetic. Most organs and limbs. Reason for immigrating Business, bureaucratic negotiations. Biography Owner of a small private security firm and android manufacturer.  Kinda  a megalomaniac making most of his androids look like him and uses his own name in the company. Doesn't go anywhere without his body guard "Sarge" Fayde darkmatter.
last updated: 2016-03-10 22:16:47
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