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Linden grid account raaseer.resident Port of origin N/A
Name I-9012 "FAUXPAW" Model Radiant Draco 783-B; Model 6 - Lite Edition Serial number 625-68-9012
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Vincent Antony Rinehart
Manufacturer HARDtech Date of manufacture 2015-12-06
Reason for immigrating Was built while Vincent was on Eisa Biography Sixth in the series of the Radiant Draco line and the second fully robotic version, FAUXPAW bears a Model 6 chassis made to resemble an extremely lithe, feminine male with vague, generic animal features. He was constructed with the tools bought by Vincent to maintain himself and create new parts.

Serving as a satellite construct, he is part of Vincent's systems but his own separate entity. FAUXPAW is unique in his being fit with the Fairley Corp. freewill programs, which give him the choice to refuse commands given to him. That said, FAUXPAW will always eventually give in. As such, he is meant to be a more playful and 'bratty' companion, rather than completely subservient.

FAUXPAW craves rougher treatment, and despises being coddled; getting his biggest thrills out of being shoved around and treated rough. In addition to this main purpose, FAUXPAW comes equipped with "heavy" chassis parts, showing his secondary intended purpose as that of a defense robot.

FAUXPAW, when first commissioned in LIONHEART's image, with anticipated similar qualities of having a 'soul', was at first a failure. The code did not take, FAUXPAW 'spoke' and reacted like an average robot would be expected to. However, moments before being decommissioned and scrapped for another attempt, FAUXPAW spoke out in protest. Therefore, FAUXPAW earned his designation. A fake, false, a false failure to be exact. While the code did take root, and the Draco showed signs of a digital soul like LIONHEART, there were oddities in the code, unexplainable. The Radiant Draco didn't take to a binary gender, or even a traditional hermaphroditic style to please both binary organic genders; the Draco demanded the exact opposite. Male, feminine figure, but equipped with a pleasure hole, a vagina per say.  An actual demand from the robot, one Isra'kiel was reluctant to concede, but in the end, FAUXPAW got his wish. Considering robots are usually female on Eisa, and males are rare, a cuntboy robot is unheard of. But, the opportunity was too good to pass. FAUXPAW became an experiment, just to see exactly how the pleasure-seekers of Eisa would take to such an oddity.
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