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Linden grid account alexanderthree
Family name Three Personal name Alexander Middle name(s) Todd
Affiliated organization Alexander's Harem
Place of birth New Haven , United States , Earth Date of birth 1992-03-01
Education and work history NH Regional HS class of 2010
Valley University 2014 - BS Business Administration
Synthetic modifications HGH , Scoped Eyes Reason for immigrating Lust for money and power. Biography A lustful man whose sole motive rest upon greed. Several failed ventures on Earth had left him upset and willing to try anything to be able to build his ideal vision of an all female para-military harem of his own to breed with. Upon hearing of Eisa in 2016 his mind dreamed of this as the perfect opportunity to sow his seeds.

He has a great lust for submissive leggy beauties donned in latex mini skirts that fires up his impulsive instincts. A direct conversationalist.

His business prospects aim at simplicity and frugalness to provide superiority as he often finds himself lost in technological complexities.  He wishes to see the colony grow and expand with his seed bringing upon the new generation.
last updated: 2016-03-06 19:14:22
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