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Linden grid account jd.horatio Port of origin Boston Interplanetary Spaceport
Family name Valic Personal name Koda Middle name(s) Damon
Affiliated organization NanoSec
Place of birth Boston US, Earth Date of birth 1981-07-18
Education and work history 1999-2004: Soldier of the Cold War
2006-Present: Freelance Mercinary
Genetic modifications Anthropomorphic genetic modifications (canine, Corgi) Synthetic modifications prothstetic legs due to losing them in the cold war Reason for immigrating looking for a nice place to settle down after freelancing for 10 years Biography As a young boy he grew up bouncing from foster home to foster home not really knowing who his real parents were. as he came of the age of 18 and kicked out onto the streets with nothing but a high school diploma and the clothes on his back  and headed toward signing up and enlisting into the military and fought in the Cold War having gained only a Purple heart for his services and a VA check once a month he sat in a wheelchair with the loss of his legs, he self medicated with booze for a year with the help of constantly finding someone to settle down with. Having little luck finding a lover he gave up but decided to save himself and save up his money having getting a very big check each month this wasn't an issue for him to get both his prosthetic legs installed and for him to get a small cargo ship of his own taking on the job of a freelance mercenary doing what ever deeds he need to do just to fill the void left in him. Soon after about 4 years of freelancing and saving most of his money and the money he saved up over still having VA checks he decided to genetically modify himself as an impulse decision due to his own loneliness into an anthro corgi and even going a step further changing the color of his fur permanently to purple and white. giving him another 6 years he decided that he had had enough of his own loneliness and came from his own home in Boston to settle down and get away from his life as a freelancer.
last updated: 2016-03-16 18:25:38
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