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Linden grid account erica.abonwood Port of origin TYL Main Lab
Name Erica E-16 Model Companion/Office unit. Serial number 112-47-3327
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Previous owner: TYL Company Current owner: None
Manufacturer TYL Robotic Date of manufacture
Biography ARP or Advancef Recreation Platform models were one of the last ones developed by old TYL lab before it's de legalization.
Based not only on TYL technology, ARP units were build using many elements of commonly available NS droids, what was a significant advantage based on low costs of maintenance anyone would had to put into such droids.

E-16, as one of the latest models was still not active when the lab itself was closed. Along with almost 10.000 other units of her series she was originally assigned for scrap, she never reached her "resting place" though. Along with over 500 other units she was stolen from TYL warehouses even before transport arrived to pick them up. Ended up stored on a small freighter.
She was activated few weeks later on a small trade station that operated on the very boundaries of legality. Serving as office assistant unit for over a year before that small station was also closed up by authorities due to illegal trade.

E-16 was among several other droids hat were packed on a small ship captain managed to take right before military ship arrived. After short journey they arrived at the city of Eisa. With his false id Captain Thane registered his ship and cargo hoping that he may find a chance to make some money with his robotic staff. Unfortunately for the poor captain one of the older security units he had with him exploded while still on board, killing him and destroying over half of remaining cargo.
Now E-16 situation got even more complicated,  with he original ID deleted there is no way to tell who was her first owner, so along with other units present on that ship she now finds herself in a totally new place.
last updated: 2016-03-20 12:10:39
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