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Linden grid account burnha.firehawk
Family name Meadows Personal name Talon Middle name(s) "Be Good"
Affiliated organization The Alliance Navy of Eridanus
Place of birth Hellas Basin, Mars Date of birth 2335-06-06
Education and work history Marine First Sergeant, squad leader of Theta 3-1 Siegerunners, Alliance Navy Marines. Much of her information is seemingly classified and requires Alliance Navy access levels.

Genetic modifications NaN Synthetic modifications NaN Reason for immigrating Not exactly immigrating. Currently in service with Alliance Navy stationed at the colony embassy. Biography Where there's explosions, there's Talon Meadows. Squad leader of Theta 3-1 Siegerunners Marine Detachment, Talon is typically tasked with heading siegebreaking and combat recon duties. She's a fairly brutal person to face! Might be the teeth.

Usually standing at her duty post on the Embassy or sitting around in the garage and working on the various vehicles supporting the Alliance Navy units stationed.

While she's human in biology, she's clearly not... entirely human on the outside. Mutated after a major conflict, Talon's jaw "doubled" in width, her teeth reshaping into daggers, coupled with an inky saliva. Goodness. Among her physical mutation, her body shifted into a state of constant fatigue. In actuality, she can act just as fine as a person with a good night's sleep.
last updated: 2016-03-23 17:30:50
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