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Linden grid account meefs.resident Port of origin Europa Shipyards
Family name von Badnarik Personal name Lieutenant Meef
Affiliated organization Alliance Navy
Place of birth [REDACTED] Date of birth [REDACTED]
Education and work history Orbital Operations Liaison, Alliance Embassy, Eisa Colony
Executive Officer, ANS Gunboat Diplomacy,  Task Force Zebra
Alliance Deep Space Navigation Course
Skipper, ANS CV-732-6
Alliance Navy Fleet Weapons School
Commanding Officer, Alliance Navy Air Division, [REDACTED]
Wing Commander, Alliance Navy Air Division
Alliance Navy Tactical Air Command Course
Alliance Navy Strike Pilot School
Alliance Navy Reserve Officer Training Academy
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications [REDACTED] Reason for immigrating Alliance Navy diplomatic mission Biography Lieutenant von Badnarik hails from the Badnarik Wastes. He's the son of a proud family and the heir to vast acres of useless sand, scrap, and the cheapest modular housing one can buy, interspersed with the increasingly rare deposit of Luddinium or some other useful mineral.

As a child, every day he was given a choice. The red wastes below, the heaps of rusting metal abound, or the skies above. Every day, his eyes chose the sky. The choice was obvious, and as soon as he was old enough, he enrolled in the Alliance Navy Reserve Officer Training Academy. He never looked back.

His star rose quickly, and upon graduating, he quickly advanced from a fighter wing commander to the Commanding Officer of the Air Division for an entire settled planet; the youngest Officer to ever hold a position of such esteem in the history of the Alliance Navy! But power corrupts...

The circumstances were swept under the rug, and the few years he spent in the brig felt like eons.

Time changes people, though, and while von Badnarik spent his time behind bars, an ally from his early days found his way into the Admiralty. As his parole papers worked their way through the system, he was offered a second chance. A few signatures and a firm seal later, and his records were wiped and he was back onto his way to a commission in the Alliance Navy Fleet.

After three years skippering an outdated corvette with rusty seals and a broken targeting system at a backwater outpost with a Petty Officer's patch on his sleeve, his ship finally came in. A flotilla was being assembled, and their was a Lieutenant's post available. Executive Officer of a carrier. New worlds, new species, new opportunities... He jumped at the chance.

For 6 months he served as XO aboard the legendary ANS Gunboat Diplomacy. After all he'd been through, it was a dream. Then she moored.

Orbital Operations Liaison isn't a bad job, but he'd really much rather be flying a frigate in orbit than a desk on the surface. Either way, Meefs is the pipeline from the ships in orbit to the Embassy on the ground. If it's taking off or coming in for a landing under an Alliance flag, it better have his clearance. On the plus side, he gets first dibs on most of the shipments, and there's a real market opening up for surface souvenirs back on the flotilla.
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