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Linden grid account syxx.craig Port of origin Eridanus, Mars
Family name Dred Personal name Scott Middle name(s) Octavious
Affiliated organization Alliance Navy
Place of birth Elysium, Dome 2, Mars Date of birth [Redacted]
Education and work history Cydonia Institute of Technology
ANAD Combat School
ANMD Ground Combat Program
ANMD DTC Program
ANAD Top Gun Program
ANFD Basic Program
ANFD Officer School
ANAD Wing Commander (Ret.)
AN SWT Course
Genetic modifications [Redacted] Synthetic modifications [Redacted] Reason for immigrating Fleet Liaison to Eisa Biography \\\\\\\ BEGIN PERSONNEL DOC#0000018764-SD ////////
Petty Officer  Dred has the rare distinction of having served in all three divisions, at almost every level short of Admiral, his combat record and ******* make him an obvious choice for any command staff addition or task force leader. Currently serving as the 2IC of the 109th Fighter squadron (The Wizards) attached to carrier group Zebra.

Dred’s official assignment on Eisa is to act as the Fleets diplomatic liaison with local government and civil service offices, however his experience with ******** and his status as a former ******** have lead some officers to question the true nature of his  role on the embassy staff. Being a veteran and divisional advisor place him high on the list for most off world task forces, but his presence on what is widely seen as a peaceful diplomatic mission has raised a few eyebrows amongst the senior officers.

Dred being a true son of Mars was born in Elysium Plantia, shortly after, his family emigrated to Tethys following the collapse of the main hab-dome in **** which took the life of his only brother and countless others. Life on Tethys was hard and Dred longed to return to his home world so he applied to the Cydonia institute of Technology (CIT) back on Mars, after graduating from CIT he went to work for the Mazersoft corporation, but quickly grew tired of the day to day monotony, so he enlisted in the Alliance Navies air academy cadet program and moved to Olympus Mons to begin training.

He washed out of the program after only a few short months but thanks to his aptitude scores and marksmanship merits was quickly snatched up by the Marine division and transferred to the MD combat school on Terra where he was selected for drop trooper training, a program which to this day still has the highest accidental death rate out of all the AN’s training programs. Dred graduated from basic and the drop program and  was assigned to Aleph section shortly after.

Aleph was one of the first frontline units deployed  on Ryzak, an Alliance world in the Shelter quadrant to quell the growing unrest that had been steadily building in that region and eventually lead to the first system war with the Mercz and NoI. He would later go on to re-enter the Alliance Navy Air Division and eventually rise to the rank of Wing Commander under the tutelage of Admiral Judge Hocho.

++++Additional information may be requested from the central office of personnel filing with an appropriate clearance level and identification++++
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