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Linden grid account tiberias.ocello Port of origin Basilisk Station, Mars Orbit
Family name Herbst Personal name Jane Middle name(s) Tiberias
Affiliated organization Alliance Navy
Place of birth Aurorae Planum, Mars Date of birth UNKNOWN (est. early 40s)
Education and work history [Education History]

Phobos Fleet Academy
Fleet Weapons School
Starship Command School
Alliance Armed Forces SERE School
Alliance Flag Officer Training Program

[Duty Station History - Please file a FOIA request with Alliance Military Records Dept, Cydonia City, for a comprehensive list.]

Genetic modifications NuMedical "ProLast" Life-Extension treatment Synthetic modifications Maztronics Arm (Left), Maztronics Eye (Left) - Prosthetic Limbs, no augmenting effects listed Reason for immigrating Commander of Deployed AN Element Biography Adm. Herbst has a lifetime of achievement and excellence as an officer of the Alliance Navy. She is the daughter of Admiral Jim Herbst; A person of great historical significance to the Alliance. She has served aboard vessels in numerous campaigns across over a dozen deployments. Currently, she is the Commanding Officer of Carrier Group Zebra.

Considering Adm. Herbst's background, she is often the Alliance Navy's primary choice for missions of a humanitarian or diplomatic nature. Her purpose on Eisa is to ensure the completion of the Alliance's goals on this colony, and in the wider system.
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