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Linden grid account nemisissy.resident Port of origin Europa Shipyards
Family name Ellecon Personal name Nem
Affiliated organization Alliance Navy
Place of birth ANS Embargo Date of birth UNKNOWN (estimated age 35)
Education and work history Alliance Naval Academy
Alliance Navy Weapons School
Alliance Deep Space Navigation Course
Alliance Exploration/Diplomatic Corps
Alliance Navy Command School
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications Command data-link Reason for immigrating Alliance Navy exploration and diplomatic mission Biography Nem Ellecon was born into a family of Alliance Merchant Marine spacers on-board the trade ship ANS Embargo. Unfortunately shortly after his birth the Embargo suffered a FTL drive accident, leaving it trapped in its journey for an unknown period of time due to time dilation. When the Embargo finally escaped, it had been approximately 20 years real time, but its unknown his age precisely. Due to a loophole in the regulation in regards to time dilation, Ellecon was likely the youngest person to ever graduate from the Alliance Naval Academy. He went on to continue an extended career as a Navy Officer, currently serving as commanding officer of the ANS Gunboat Diplomat.
last updated: 2016-03-25 17:54:26
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