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Linden grid account aywin.resident Port of origin Ashera
Family name Steele Personal name Director Aywin
Affiliated organization Legion
Place of birth Moon colony 4/10/85 Date of birth
Education and work history Raised in the traditional Roman Republic Academy for Officer Training. Her father was a senator of the Roman Senate which gave her the foot into the Academy. She quickly flourished in combat, tactics, and leadership.  She left the Academy as a Centurion and was Scripted into the 13th Legion. A great honor, she was sent to the new Mars colony to see to the ship manufacturing. She led raids against the Soviet Union taking control of one of their largest ships. The Legion Command gave her a Primus Pilus rank for the capture. The Legion Space Service put her in command of a ship that was created after reverse engineering soviet and us ships. The LSS Hannibal was the first of the Legion ships to travel outside the solar system. The 13th Legion under Aywin's leadership colonized several worlds building a new ship yard and heavy equipment factories on Ashera . The Planet soon became the new head quarters of the Legion command. Aywin was elected as Console of the Roman Republic and she took the title Director of the Legion. Aywin led the Roman Republic into a new age of technological development and economic growth. When the Soviet Union fell the Legion took one of their mining worlds. The was a battle with the remnants of the Soviet Union. The Director was injured during the conflict and the Legion used its new technology to enhance her body with cybernetics using one of the new elements for her core isotope-5.  Genetic modifications Cybernetic legs, arms, eyes, skeletal structure, spine, power core, weapons systems, neural chip, and gravitational system. Synthetic modifications synthetic skin replacement Reason for immigrating expanding policital bases to other worlds for trade and political talks. Biography Born to David and Breeana steele. David was a senator in the Roman Senate. Aywin was a product of genetic manipulation to ensure the best genes possible. the outcome was being born with elvish like features being slightly stronger and more agile then those without genetic manipulation. She went through Traditional Roman training as a youth.  Aywin was a positive and energetic youth that had a deep curiosity for space. She spent the majority of her life in the Legion Space Service. Those under her command thought of her in high regard. She made sure no member was left behind and always saw to the success of the mission. Aywin was the kind to lead from the front and commanded the respect of her officers and enlisted members.  Aywin took showed no interest in romantic affairs or having a family, though she has thought that one day she might. She adopted a girl from her family line when her parents were killed by pirates.
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