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Linden grid account arcelea Port of origin Eridanus (Mars)
Family name "Tessa" Personal name Mitzu
Affiliated organization The Alliance Navy
Place of birth Versalis Crater, Magna Foramen, Mars Date of birth 2288/04/23
Education and work history //Alliance Navy Restricted Intel// Reason for immigrating Current posting at the Alliance Navy Embassy. Biography Mitzu is a glassy eyed gal from mars. From an early age she had an interest in technology, going to specific schools to follow her dream to be an engineer. During the peak of the propaganda warfare era between the earth and mars colony, she was drafted by the private government to a facility named "Big Mountain".  She was the first chair in her field, also gaining an interest in proxy earning her Doctorates in Formography, Human - mechanical eidetics. And achieving a degree in in Curiosity and Advanced Curiosity. After the facility was liberated by the Alliance Navy and was converted to a facility for war, she left into the expanse of the galaxy untill she was one day captured by a rouge group of roving pirates who dabbled in human slave trafficking. A few days later the ship was liberated by the Alliance Navy after they mistook the much smaller russo-vessel as a derelict, perfect for target practice. She was brought on board and sent back to the Mars Colonies where she enlisted soon after. She now serves as a equipment research and development engineer within the Corps Of Engineers.
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