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Linden grid account juni.mode Port of origin n/a
Family name Naganagafaaraarii Personal name Mélusine Middle name(s) "Bubbles"
Affiliated organization Wildlife
Place of birth Eisa Date of birth 1595-11-12
Education and work history Self-taught speaker of various cephalopod dialects.
Accomplished practitioner of arts, crafts & sleight of hand.

Current employers:
Nanite Systems (snuggles consultant)
Eisa (Queen, self-appointed)
SubBay (CEO)
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Curiosity; liberation of shinies Biography Half fish, half person, the native baovveche eisae has been likened to "a greasy weasel that won't shut up".
Neither the cosmonauts nor the miners managed to figure out where exactly Bubbles came from or where their equipment kept disappearing to, but they quickly learned to "lend" her enough unessential stuff to keep her busy and distracted from the life support systems. Some rumours credit the eventual downfall of the first Eisa station to Bubbles, others claim that she merely expedited it.
According to Dr. Terry Pattersson's compendium "Mind the fish! 99 rules for surviving Eisa", Bubbles was a foundling who grew up at the side of a serpent-like monstrosity only known as "the Naganaga". The more recent "Brave New Moon" by L.Wintrop disputes this claim and paints the creature as a spy, sent by her tribe of man-eating merfolk to scout the settlement and provide information on upcoming expeditions. Bubbles sued Miss Wintrop for slander and called her a "silli paaepoohss". A NaniteSystems-appointed judge ruled in her favour, stating that Miss Wintrop was indeed a "silli paaepoohss".
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