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Linden grid account garruss Port of origin Eridanus, Mars
Family name Verdalla Personal name Luci
Affiliated organization Alliance Navy
Place of birth REDACTED Date of birth REDACTED
Education and work history //Alliance Navy Restricted Intel//
Genetic modifications REDACTED Synthetic modifications REDACTED Reason for immigrating Posted at Alliance Navy Embassy Biography Abandoned as a small child on Mars, Luci has developed many scavenger and survival skills. She soon ran into a man she now considers her brother, Syd Montague, who saved her from some human traffickers that wanted to sell her as a teenager. She worked for many intergalactical cooperations as a mercenary before joining her brother in the Alliance Navy. She has excellent communication and negotiating skills, developed during her many missions. She has a rough and brash personality, which a lot of people confuse for carelessness. She is a friend of all animals and is often seen traveling with them. She won't go anywhere without her knife.
last updated: 2016-03-28 17:30:21
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