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Linden grid account mandi.stardust Port of origin Earth
Family name Stardust Personal name Mandi
Place of birth San Francisco, United States, Earth Date of birth 1980-07-01
Education and work history Education:
Majored in neurointerface design and graphic arts (2000-2001)
(Did not graduate)

Work history (Earth):
• Interned at MechanoLabs, working on the visual interface for the the DX-2800 series (2000-2001)
• Cashier, Ross Dress-for-Less (2002)
• Waitress, Hooters (2002 - 2003)
• Dancer, Pepper Grinder's Hot Chicks and Wings (2003 - 2006)

Work history (Off-World):
• Waitress, Bob's Belly Burger and Roller Derby, Orion Station, Sector 24-36XB (2008-2011)

Genetic modifications Lucien-type genetic upgrades Synthetic modifications None (so far) Reason for immigrating Looking for a place to settle down Biography Mandi Stardust had an interest in science and robotics at a young age, she grew up a bookworm in high-school and a bit of a social recluse.  During her first year in collage, she was excelling in both her courses and won a much sought after internship when she decided to volunteer for the Lucien Genetic Upgrade program. Tired of being a wallflower, she hoped the physical modifications of the program would help her in her social life.

Suddenly finding herself with a new body, she enjoyed her sudden surge on popularity... so much so that because of nights of excessive partying, her grades quickly dropped, and losing both her internship and her scholarship.  Strangely not caring about her academics, she started working any job she could get until she had enough money to travel off-world, leaving Earth behind.

Having lost her job on Orion Station, Mandi found herself unemployed and out of credits. She began hitching rides on space freighters in order to get to this place called "Eisa" that she has been hearing about on the sub-space chatter, hoping to find work and a new life.
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