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Linden grid account renegade.shriner Port of origin N/a
Family name Demyan Artyom Nikolaev Personal name Dom Nikolaev Phaestus
Affiliated organization Dark Sun - CEO
Place of birth Yakutsk, Russia, Earth, Sol Date of birth 1979-07-30
Education and work history   1990 - 2000: Apprenticed under his father, Borya Nikolaev and sold small arms for self defense to independent mining groups and traders throughout the Sol system.
      2002 - 2009: Worked independently to manufacture arms for mercenary organizations on Earth.
      2010 - 2015: After litigations were settled, he worked under Dark Sun, using connections he made in the organizations to aggressively increase his notoriety. This escalated repeatedly over five years until he could no longer be promoted, and eventually he took over the company.
          2015 - Present: CEO and Chief of Manufacturing for Dark Sun.
Genetic modifications none Synthetic modifications none Reason for immigrating Business, love, and pleasure - is there any other reason worth living for? Biography First Memory:
    The ship arriving in 1983 to bring more miners to the Russian colony on mars. All he remembers is that outside the ship is that it landed during a dust storm - everything was covered in a thick cloud of brown and red smoke. It was difficult to dock into the station properly.

Most important childhood event that still affects him/her; how/why:
    Miner's Rebellion of 1984 on Mars.  It was cold - colder than any day in memory (even today), even though he was only four and a half years old at the time.  His father, Borya,  was fighting with Feofan again.  It puzzled him why he had always fought, since Feofan was so nice to him. He would tell him jokes and stories when he ran into him in the plaza, and visit every month with a gift from the guardsmen. He didn't learn until much later that all of the staff were supposed to be nice to children in order to help instill docileness and a false sense of friendship.
    The next day, he awoke to his mother Karina screaming - when he ran outside his room to see why, she was standing over Feofan's dead body in the kitchen. Borya had stabbed him repeatedly.  His father grabbed him and demanded they run, immediately. They spent a grand total of 3 minutes gathering their things, a painfully slow minute hiding Feofan's body, and by some miracle, made it to the docking station at the exact moment the worst riot ever witnessed on Mars erupted.
    From 1984-1990 they spent their lives on the run. The Russians were not able to prove Borya murdered Feofan, but they were always looking over their shoulder, hiding out in colonies between Earth and Mars until the Russians began negotiations with the American government for the ownership of city and the investigation dissolved with it. From there, the family swore to never be weak again, spending every spare minute of every day instilling the value of strength above all else into Demyan, planting the seeds for the man who would become Dom Phaestus.

Other memories/events that still affects him/her; why/how:
    His life as an independent arms dealer showed him how easy it was to distribute power, and this feeling began to translate sexually. He found himself drawn to the idea of control, especially sexual control. His first sexual contact was with a red haired reporter named Rachel, who brought this new side of him to the surface. He became increasingly interested in bondage, degradation, biting, ice, fire cupping, toys, and all manner of sexual deviancy after this. He eventually shed the values of honor and restraint his family had taught him, however, taking more unscrupulous contracts with the Arab Empire, which he later regretted.

After a long period of traveling and gaining notoriety with Dark Sun after his litigations following suspicions of weapons smuggling, he has set his sights on Eisa to either expand his business or find happiness, or both.
last updated: 2016-03-31 23:53:34
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