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Linden grid account kibakie Port of origin http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eisa/197/244/32
Family name Kibakie Personal name Nisari'Nite
Affiliated organization No Affiliated Organization's
Place of birth petal, usa, Earth Date of birth 1996-12-19
Education and work history Education: Criminal Law,  Louisiana Culinary Institute,Business Management and Administration.
Work History: Former US Marine(Lieutenant Colonel Retired), Former chef for the Us President, Ceo of Blue wolf moon( Private Military force,Currently Disavowed and dissolved.)
Genetic modifications Genetic Code Modification: Species switch to a canine(German Shepherd, at age 22, resulting in age reversal to age 19) Synthetic modifications Nanite system for blood filtration and purification, it is also connected to lungs to filter out poisons gases .( system located on back) Reason for immigrating A fresh start, And a new life. Biography Kibakie Aeghin is a talented young man, throughout his life he pressed on and on no matter how hard or dangerous a situation got, and he also took interest in discovering new things, like cooking, business and criminal law. At the age of 19 he enlisted in the Us Marine Corps and he served faithfully for a total of four years, and during those four years he impressed the right people and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel,  and not soon after he was honorably discharged and awarded the Message to Garcia award for doing what no other would do in the face of the enemy at home and abroad. Soon after his discharge he went to school for his masters in culinary arts and his masters in criminal and business managment and administration. And after quickly gaining his degrees he worked for the u.s president as his chef for a few months until he decided to change his life forever, by altering his DNA and age in the process, so went to a genetic modification center and had his dna altered and he became a canine(German Shepherd) and he took on the person name Nisari'Nite and for the first time in his life he felt as if he had a second chance so he decided to set out to eisa.(End Of File)
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