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Linden grid account boss391 Port of origin Planet Terrandor
Name A.S.R.E.A Model NS-409 Serial number 409-65-9471
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization
Manufacturer Clara Hartfelt/Terrandor Genetics Lab Date of manufacture 2012-04-14
Reason for immigrating Old home planet killed Biography       A.S.R.E.A (Automatic Stress Relief Engagement Android) was once a human born on the now desolate planet Terrandor under the old name of Serena, she used to have a life that was going nowhere for her. Her old friend Clara had once told her about Nanite and their controllers and what they could do, she decided to leave her old life behind and willingly convert herself into a bot and create a new life. She underwent genetic and physical modifications to change who she was before having the controller attached by said friend. Once she was converted she was registered as the property of Clara Hartfelt and given the new name A.S.R.E.A due to what she was converted to be.

      Her new life was a peaceful one, she lived with Clara up until 2 years later when disaster struck, her planet was under attack by space pirates, Clara and A.S.R.E.A tried to make their escape on one of the transports. As they were nearing one A.S.R.E.A was struck by a stray bullet, taking her temporally offline and damaging some of her non essential systems. When she came back online, she was on the transport heading away from the planet, she looked around for her friend and owner Clara, she was then sadly told that Clara died saving her from the pirates.

      2 years later she has made her way to Eisa to find a proper new life on the peaceful planet.
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