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Linden grid account monsterchow Port of origin Outer rim
Family name Chow Personal name Lynn Middle name(s) "Monster"
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Mars Colony Date of birth 8/15/1984
Education and work history GED equivalent. Served on multiple starships as crew until obtaining her own ship.

Captain of the Ultra Violet 2 (unregistered). 

Currently runs what can loosly be considered an independent import/export business. 

Genetic modifications Rabbit ears and tail from a mishap with a device called a "Bunnyizer" Synthetic modifications Occular implant in left eye. Reason for immigrating Business Biography Abandoned as an infant on the Soviet Mars colony in 1984, she raised by the state until shortly after its collapse. During that time she was given a basic education and instilled with a general distrust of Western culture.

After the collapse, the orphanage fell into disrepair and anyone barely capable enough to fend for themselves was put out into the cold. Taking whatever job she could around the colony to survive at first and then on passing freighters as soon as she was old enough to hold her own in the void.

After bouncing around the colonies for a few years she fell in with the pirate John Robertson. He was the first person she ever really trusted and he opened her eyes to a much larger universe. With him she traveled a good portion of the galaxy, raiding ships and colonies for fun, love, and profit.

After an incident with system security forces resulted in the death of her beloved captain and fellow crewmates, she set off on her own.

Sometimes taking on a crew, other times operating solo. Part time pirate, part time legitimate business woman, she operates from her ship Ultra Violet 2. If you need it, she can get it for you. Provided you have the credits.
last updated: 2016-05-14 12:36:22
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