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Linden grid account atarahlazuli Port of origin Landing, Sylva
Family name Lazuli Personal name Atarah
Affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Place of birth Montpelier, United States, Earth Date of birth 1990-10-31
Education and work history 2008-2012: BSc. in Life Sciences at Landing University (concentration: Neurobiology)
2013-2014: Harvard Medical School
2014-2015: Nanite Systems Medical Division (manager: Dr. Annika Voet)
2015-present: Nanite Systems Consumer Products, Eisa
Genetic modifications Sylvan (elf ears; adapted for the harsher biochemistry of Sylva) Reason for immigrating Working at Nanite Systems Biography Atarah is the sole child of Theodore Lazuli, the CEO of NanoCom, the communications division of NS. A naturally modest creature, she lived a sheltered life, caring relatively little for the status afforded by her family's position in the upper crust of Vermont. Her natural aspiration to be a writer, a hobby she pursued relentlessly in every free moment.

Atarah was sent to Eisa by Annika Voet, the half-sister of Samantha Wright, to spy on the Consumer Products Division.
last updated: 2015-11-27 14:35:52
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