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Linden grid account yuuko.aeon
Family name Hiragashi Personal name Yuko
Place of birth Jacksonville, Florida, United States, Earth Date of birth 1997/03/18
Education and work history Fresh out of university. Genetic modifications Augmented breasts and buttocks. Synthetic modifications Artificial eyes, reinforced endo-skeleton. Reason for immigrating Looking to find some work, some adventure, maybe get away from the parents a bit. Biography Born to common, albeit sufficiently well-off middle-class parents, Yuko enjoyed studying and playing with computers... And boys.  Sent off to an all-girl high school did little to stifle Yuko's frisky side, but definitely kept her grades up at the very least.  Going down to Miami and attending UM, it was a wonder the boy-crazy bimbo managed to keep her GPA high enough not to get booted from the school while earning a reputation for being easy, along with the nickname "Whoreny."  Using the generous amount of scholarship money she'd earned, she didn't spend it ALL on education, but managed to score some synthetic and genetic enhancements: new tits, a new ass, new eyes, and even a stronger metal endo-skeleton to handle the rigors of space, where she knew she'd be in the future.  She might not have told her parents about ALL her enhancements until after college.

Now, she comes to Eisa, not entirely sure what to do with her life, looking for odd jobs here and there while she sorts it all out.  Perhaps even a few boys to enjoy while she's out in the middle of nowhere...
last updated: 2016-05-19 17:41:35
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