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Linden grid account rhet0rica Port of origin JFK
Family name Neptune Personal name Samantha
Affiliated organization Dekker Talent LLC
Place of birth Unknown Date of birth 1995-11-12
Education and work history Synthetic modifications Prosthetic rabbit ears and tail Biography She looks like Dr. Wright. She sounds like Dr. Wright. But she's seven years younger than Dr. Wright, has a well-documented and very public career as a DJ, and claims she has never even been to Canada. What's going on? Ms. Neptune—known better by her stage name "LYRiQ"—is a trance producer turned pop vocalist, a rising starlet of the outer Sol system. Part diva, part nerd, and all airhead, Samantha remains thoroughly carefree as ensured by her agent and manager, Ms. Dekker, who is rarely far from her side.

There are some who say Samantha was a more interesting, well-rounded person before Dekker Talent LLC took over her brand, back when she was just a teenager who went by the name DJ Lyricka. She was widely seen as capable, competent, and independent; a star of the underground scene. But that's okay. She's much more profitable now.
last updated: 2018-05-24 07:25:06
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