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Linden grid account jameson.loordes Port of origin Hinterland Space Station
Family name Loordes Personal name Jameson
Affiliated organization ΛΝdrΘtΞch®
Place of birth Lisbon, Portugal, Earth Date of birth 1977-06-17
Education and work history Work Experience

Owner of ΛΝdrΘtΞch® - A small company developing and selling male chassis and software
H.I.T. Health Services SA- Head of The Cryogeny Department
Cognis SA - General Manager for the Criminal Rehabilitation Program
Champalimaud Foundation, Neurology Senior Researcher

MIT Business Administration - 2001 MBA Class - Member of the Board of Honor
MSc in Behaviour Psychology - Dissertation in Law Enforcement and Correctional Procedures
Saint James Medical School - Specialisation in Endocrinology and Neurology
Genetic modifications None Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Legal issues.... Biography Jameson was brilliant researcher in the field of applied neuro-muscular tissue in the Champalimaud Foundation with great achievements in the regeneration of  brain tissue and neuro-muscular impulse transmission. However after a colleague discovered  in his terminal, pieces of code that emulated the human sexual arousal mechanism, the institute no longer disregarded his  well known kinky preferences and perversions. Tired of being constrained by the legislation and hypocritical ethics and morals on earth, his connections to the Russian underground research network led him to come across the undervalued success of their pre cold war space program and the numerous (abandoned?) colonies. He prepared for the adventure of his life and sold all his research (but kept "adam_001", a sex toy with the body of Thor but the brain and sex drive of a baboon) to the russians in exchange for a short training, a ship and the coordinates for the nearest colony. A series of malfunctioning and lack of experience with space exploration led him to crash in a planet no far from his destination with breathable atmosphere, despite the strange weather and low temperatures. He established a small base to gather resources and repair his ship.
One night while fucking his android he was surprised by group of mercenaries to whom he gave adam in exchange for his life and supplies. After a few weeks and the hardest case of blue balls, the group of mercenaries came back asking for more adams to sell in some space ports where adam_001 was becoming a success, being trade for higher and higher prices. This was the beginning of Androtech....
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