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Linden grid account piper.sieyes Port of origin Proxima Trade Cartel, Tradeship 'Lyssa Strange'
Family name Sieyes Personal name Piper
Place of birth Charleston, SC, USA, Earth Date of birth 1989-08-19
Education and work history Family Migrated to the PTC TS Lyssa Strange when Piper was 15.
Graduated High School, 2007, Lyssa Strange Education System.
Entered into the Lyssa Strange Advanced Training Academy. (College System) (Fall, 2007)
Completed 2 years, achieved Technician Grade, (Associates Degree) in advanced electronics and nanotech.
Crewman Tech 1, Lyssa Strange Engineering Crew.
Continued working for Sr. Technician (Bachelors Degree) in AE&N.
Graduated Sr.Tech 2014.
Departed Lyssa Strange, 6-24-2016.
Genetic modifications 'Awareness Package' (Enhanced Vision, hearing, smell, touch, Low Light Vision.) Eyes bright blue (formerly dark brown.) Synthetic modifications Tactile Nano Interface, Reflex Enhancement. Reason for immigrating Looking for work. Booted off the 'Lyssa Strange', since she declined to accept an 'arranged partnership'. Biography Uprooted and moved to the 'Lyssa Strange' in her early teens, Piper was not all that happy.  Though her fathers new position on the Lyssa Strange was at first mostly annoying.  Until she met some of the other youngsters on the 'Strange', started school, watched as the ship made orbit then landed on a planet and opened up it's 'open market' trading with locals on various colonies.  She entered college (Technical school on the ship) and started working more with Electronics and Nanotech.  Became a crewman and started earning part of the profits.  She owned a small portion of the ship, as each of the crewman do.  She started 'dating' one of the upper crewman at her family's urging.  Apparently she had attracted the eye of a Senior Officer.  She was lavished with a few gifts, including a Gene-therapy for her vision.  After a while, she realized she was being prepped to become this officers 'trophy wife'... which would take her away from the work she had come to love.  She turned her 'stock' over to the officer to cover her enhancements and left the ship at the next port of call... Eisa...
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