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Linden grid account snowjob.resident Port of origin Mars colony
Family name Cherry-Cola Personal name Lola Middle name(s) Radical
Affiliated organization None
Place of birth Screaming Metal Date of birth 1992-02-16
Education and work history Has a degree in mechanical engineering from the Reaganomic Institute of Liquid Television.

Has worked as a roaming mechanic for cruise ships for a bit after her graduation to save for her own small ship.
Genetic modifications Horomone Replacers for Transgender therapy. Reason for immigrating Looking for excitement Biography One of the orphaned children chosen for the Screaming Metal project. Started in July 1992, the Screaming Metal after a paranoid Ted Turner became sure  that President Bush was going to let terran culture die after the airing of The Real World in May 1992. The program was basically a space colony orbiting Pluto that Ted Turner had designed to preserve the culture of earth, filling it with dangerous amounts of 80s based pop culture which was taught to the children as terran history.  Lola like all the other orphaned children raised there was indoctrinated and raised to believe that saying all sorts of embarrassing things never went out of style.

Lola lived her life on the Screaming Metal colony  until her graduation from the Reaganomic institute of Liquid Television which is when she took the first mechanic job she could get. This job was as general maintenance for a royal intergalactic cruse liner. It was on this cruise liner that Lola learned a bit of how outdated she is today.
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