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Linden grid account Poopelsa Port of origin Tibet
Family name Huang Personal name Chiyo
Place of birth Rikaze, China, Earth Date of birth 2008.05.01
Education and work history Genetic modifications Anthropomorphic Red Panda Reason for immigrating Visiting friends Biography Chiyo Huang was born from genetically altered Red Pandas that have been modified to become anthropomorphic and are fully capable of thought, speech and reason just like any other human would with the added benefits of superior hearing, smelling and retractable claws. While technically only 7 years old, her body and mind ages faster than that of humans and thus she is mentally and physically 21

Living in the research facility hidden within the harsh enviroment of Tibet, Chiyo lived a sheltered live for the most part, subjected to thousands of studies and experiments to research the effects of genetic modifications and their offspring.

Once Chiyo had reached the age of 6 she fled the facility and tried to live a human life with her accumulated street smart and the knowledge she was taught in the labs. It was in the streets of china, wearing a cowl and hiding her true identity where she met a gynoid that had seen through her disguise and offered sympathy to the genetic freak. This gynoid became the only friend of Chiyo and as such she decided to follow her to Eisa in order to live a better life, hearing the stories of utopia that would reside on this moon.
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