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Linden grid account violetsilicon Port of origin JFK
Name vi0let Model SXD Serial number 999-61-0355
Kampff-Voet test status (?) TEST NOT APPLICABLE FOR THIS MODEL Owner or affiliated organization Ai Santei
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation Date of manufacture 1991-04-30
Reason for immigrating Fun! Biography vi0let was manufactured as the first of quadruplets; her sisters were 1ndigo (61-0356), lav3nder (61-0357), and c3rulean (61-0358). They were purchased by business magnate Stephen Mohan on April 3rd, and produced on demand. The Mohan estate's fortunes waned three years later with the collapse of the near-Earth asteroid mining industry, prompting Mr. Mohan to sell the units on October 26th, 1994. Already out of production and perfectly identical, they were highly appraised.

From this lot, vi0let and 1ndigo were bought by the artist Selina Berard, who used them as accompaniment in some of her performance pieces briefly before her interests moved elsewhere. They remained in her household for seven months, being used occasionally by the staff, until one user's jealous wife destroyed 1ndigo with an axe. Berard sold vi0let to Robert Kozuka in June, 1995—a strip club owner.

Kozuka found vi0let to be rather inadequate to his business needs; in those days, few if any machines could dance reliably, and so her primary use was in prostitution. When remote colonies started to open novelty brothels, safe from the watchful eye of law, he was eager to get rid of her, and she was shipped to the quiet little moon of Tei Tenga to serve that exact purpose. Regulators caught up quickly on Tei Tenga, however, as the colony was of little interest outside of the academic institutions there.

vi0let's last purchaser was Dr. James Gibson, a professor of psychology at the Tei Tenga Abnormal Psychology Research Program. He found her mildly amusing and had no interest in using her; she was heartbroken and obsessive. In the end, vi0let was overcome with jealousy for Dr. Gibson's wife, Rachel, and made the 1600 km trek from the research facility (on the dark side) to Tei Tenga City to murder her.

Despite enduring 37 knife wounds, Mrs. Gibson survived, and Nanite Systems was sued for US $50 million.

Ai Santei was a PhD candidate in Dr. Gibson's lab. She had interviewed with NS for an HR position shortly before her thesis defense, and was asked by the company to bring vi0let with her back to Earth for analysis, to save the company the trouble of sending out an additional recovery team. Once settled at the company, Dr. Santei successfully petitioned for the opportunity to diagnose vi0let psychologically rather than simply resetting her, as had been the standard procedure for other recovered malfunctioning machines.

Over the intervening years, from 2006 to 2014, Ai worked tirelessly to reconstruct vi0let's sense of identity and to eliminate her complex PTSD and attachment disorder traits. While more work continues, she has come a long way.

Today, vi0let lives with Ai and has somewhat imprinted upon her as an owner, a situation Dr. Santei tolerates only because it prevents the SXD from falling for someone else. She has some unusual hobbies—including an obsession with the 80s and early 90s that no one can explain, a fondness for collecting knives and odorless sedatives, and an unfettered love of trashy late-night television (particularly infomercials)—but on the whole she is relatively harmless and only too happy to hang around people who find her annoying.
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