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Linden grid account trevelyan.irelund Port of origin Mars
Family name von Zeplund Personal name Trevelyan
Affiliated organization Currently Freelance; looking for employment
Place of birth San Francisco, United States, Earth Date of birth 1984/05/03
Education and work history EDUCATION
-Masters of Genetic Engineering, University of San Francisco
-Beginning of Doctoral studies in same, halted 2012
-EMT/ALS certification, Mars Technical College 2012

-Engineered Looks, Research Geneticist, 2010-2012
-Various Corporate and Private security companies, 2012-Current (Unemployed)
Genetic modifications Genetically engineered to resemble anthropomorphic Vulpes Vulpes. Synthetic modifications N/A Reason for immigrating Looking for employment. Biography Growing up with the advancements of science drove Trevelyan, or Trev for short, to seek a career in the sciences.  When he started college he went into  field of genetics.  After completing his Masters Degree, and looking at paying off student loan debts, he landed a job at Engineered Looks, a private held company that specialized in genetically altering people in any way their imaginations and pocket books would allow.  More importantly it allowed him to not only pay down on his student loan debts but also apply for a Doctorate program.  However, the company would turn out to be not the best of employers.  Often times pushing the bounds of what was considered ethical in order to satisfy the wants of rich clientele,  they ran afoul of various regulatory agencies often.  Finally culminating in the entire upper management of the company being indicted on various charges.  In order to save their own skins they made a bargain with the prosecutors, who looking to gain political favor at the time, were all too willing to make the deal.

Trev found himself being discredited when the management of the company blamed all the ethical issues on their science department resulting in the dismissal of that entire section and a black mark on the record of all the scientists working for them.  The whole thing became a media scandal, and proved to be the end of Trev's, and any scientist that worked for the company's, career. 

Unable to find work in the scientific field, and with little training beyond that,  proved to be an issue.  The student loan payments did not stop simply because he no longer had a job, but finding a job was difficult as no one in the solar system would touch a scientist involved in that fiasco.  Eventually trying to find any work Trev attended a EMT/ALS course that Mars was providing for cheap in an effort to get their ranks of emergency responders up. Upon completion, however, he was snagged by a recruiter for a local security outfit.  Most security outfits had no trouble filling the ranks of grunts, but were in short supply of anyone that could act a a medic for their teams.  Seeing the pay was much higher than any of the Mars emergency services offered, Trev took it right away.

A decision he soon regretted.  Bouncing around various corporate and private security companies gave Trev an idea of what he had signed up for.  Many of the main line security grunts seemed to Trev to need the end of their barrels painted to tell them which end to point and the bad guy.  His sarcastic attitude and general disregard for the corporate propaganda saw him with less than steady income.  Looking for any means to supplement his income he began putting his old skills to use by moonlighting in the less than legal genetic modification joints, or "GenMods" of Mars.  Enjoying the work, he began to practice on himself and undergo treatments to change his appearance to his current one in order to garner more of clientele base.

His corporate bosses did not approve.  Normally he would simply have been dismissed, but his sarcastic comments and general attitude towards the corporate espirt de corpse meant his bosses went further.  He found himself with a slight fine and more worrisome being barred legally in almost all the various territories of the Earth Solar System from practicing any sort of genetics or even medic work.

Once again finding himself at square one, with a skill set he wasn't even legally allowed to use in the solar system, Trev was faced with a dilemma.  Either he could continue to work in the underground and risk getting caught or try his luck out of the solar system.  Seeing an advert for Eisa, he decided to head there.  Noting that they were more about synths, he plans on applying to their security forces and this time toning down his sarcastic remarks.
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