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Linden grid account rosernity Port of origin Svobodny Cosmodrome
Name v0id Model SXDjr Serial number 998-83-4196
Kampff-Voet test status (?) NOT YET TESTED; TESTING REQUIRED Owner or affiliated organization Nanite Systems Corporation
Manufacturer Nanite Systems Corporation/Belleza Isis Chassis Date of manufacture 2014-05-08
Reason for immigrating Conversion/Resale Biography Initially the first of three sister synthetics, v0id was one of the first DAX/2 units to be successfully integrated and converted to fit an AEGiS controller unit. She was initially purchased and converted to provide security detail to a popular goth/alternative club in the UK along with her later developed sisters, etern1ty and un1ty. The club was more than accommodating and appropriate for the three synths, who also worked as entertainment. v0id ascended to more of a managerial position, and began to work more isolated and secluded in the back offices, away from the two younger models. One evening, a lone shooter (a religious extremist) who surmised that the club was used for satanic rituals, attacked the club and its inhabitants. While the shooter was handily subdued, it wasn't without harm. v0id had taken a stray peppering of bullets, and they permanently put her AEGiS unit out of commission. v0id's memory and partitions were wiped, however, the press releases from that fateful night linger. With all the negative press, the club was soon shut down, its assets liquidated, and sold to cover the cost of the three synthetics who were still being paid off in full. etern1ty and un1ty were sold immediately in an auction, while v0id, defunct and useless for anything but scrap, was recovered by Nanite Systems.

v0id was taken and repaired- However, due to the popularity of AEGiS unit at the time, all units were on backlog, and repair was impossible for her unit. However, v0id had retained her DAX/2 scaffolding, and was reverted back to her legacy systems and updated. Set to retire, v0id was initially a candidate for the SXD conversion, however, the process was internally halted. Later in the following year, the SXDjr promotion was revealed, and having been at the end of the long list of candidates for the promotion, she acquired an SXDjr controller, and has since remained on Eisa. 
last updated: 2018-06-20 01:46:10
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