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Linden grid account flynt.firebrand Port of origin Paquin
Family name Firebrand Personal name Flynt
Affiliated organization The Boai Honglian Companion's Guild
Place of birth Capital City, Osiris Date of birth 1966-03-27
Education and work history M.A. in Literature, University of Osiris 1988
Phoenix Acolyte of the Boai Honglian Companion's Guild, 2016
Genetic modifications Aging intervention treatments Synthetic modifications None Reason for immigrating Assigned to serve the Guild on Eisa, under Registered Companion Dee Sparta Biography The Firebrands, a prestigious and wealthy family from the ruling class on Osiris, raise their children to serve the family first. Their heir runs the Board, their other sons go into the government and the military, and their daughters become Companions. The arrangement has worked well for many generations.
last updated: 2016-09-11 13:14:22
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